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New SDK Considered "Big Improvement"

Ryan Paul over at Ars Technica spent some time with the new release of the Android SDK. He claims that there are ‘noteworthy improvements’ to the platform with the recent offering known as ‘m5-rc14’.

Even with plenty of work to do and “technical issues to resolve”, he says that “Google has now demonstrated enough responsiveness to developer demands to justify giving the company the benefit of the doubt. This second look at the platform and the development ecosystem has boosted my confidence in the endeavor and given me reason to be optimistic about Android’s prospects.”

Anybody else play with the new version yet? What kind of stuff have you encountered? Let us know in the comments.


Mixed Reactions for New Android User Interface

We were looking at an article on Gizmodo this morning that has a short video showing how the new SDK looks running basic functions like making a call. After watching the video, we glanced through some of the comments from readers as they reacted to how it looks. It seems like this UI is polarizing people. Either it’s loved, or hated. We’d like to point out one thing. This is a bare bones developers kit, designed for people to ‘sex up’ however they see fit. It can be equated this way. CSS and HTML are the backbone for most websites today. It can be very basic when left alone, or it can be some of the most practical and beautiful stuff you’ll encounter. It’s up to the person using the basic rules and code.

If you were here last week and saw the article on The Astonishing Tribe, you saw one of the companies involved in the Open Handset Alliance. TAT specifically designs user interfaces (UI) for mobile devices and their work is among the best in the world. We know we sound like unapologetic Android enthusiasts at times, but we sincerely think a lot of these detractors will be eating their words within the year.

What do you think of the video and Android’s basic design so far? Leave a comment below.

Android Goodies

While stumbling around the Google Android code page, I noticed a link not yet mentioned anywhere else. It seems our good friends at Google have put together 6 wallpapers based around Android. We’re definitely gonna keep our eye on this page as we’re curious what other ‘goodies‘ will pop up.

Go download a new wallpaper for your (soon to be) favorite mobile platform!

Android Running on Touch Screen Handsets has video up from MWC with Android running on an older E28 handset. It’s a tad bit sluggish when compared to the other prototypes, but that’s no cause for concern. The hardware inside that device is antiquated when you match it up to today’s current designs. Add another 6 months worth of technology from companies like nVidia, TI, Intel and Qualcomm and you’ll be just fine running it later this year.

Open Handset Alliance News (February 8th Edition)

Holy cow! We are so close to 3GSM / Mobile World Congress that we can taste it. Have you noticed how almost all the discussion surrounding next week is anticipation for Android and what Google is bringing to the show? This time next week we should have a very clear picture as to what the different handset makers are doing for 2008. T-Mobile changing up their T-Zones service (mocoNews)

Samsung Soul appears in time for 3GSM/MWC (Akihabara News)

Google adds ‘local’ to news page (Google Blogoscoped)

Qualcomm as LTE in their future (PR Newswire)

Spring adds an unlimited everything plan (Sprint)

Motorola hooking up with Siemens & Philips? (GSM Arena)

HTC Magnum fooled a lot of people (Into Mobile)

TI and MIT get together for a new chip concept (TechNewsWorld)

Pre MWC LG KF510 is S.E.X.Y. ( UberPhones)

34 Weeks of OHA: #5

Open Handset Alliance Member Profiles (Week #5 – China Mobile)
For 34 weeks, each Tuesday, Jordan from will be joining us to offer a profile of each of the 34 members of the Open Handset Alliance.

Company Name:
China Mobile Communications Corporation

How the OHA site classifies them: Mobile Operator

What the OHA site says about them: Nothing. There’s no blurb. Might be a translation issue.

What they do: Provide mobile service to more people than any other carrier in the world.

They have somewhere around two-thirds of the Chinese mobile market, which, according to Wikipedia, gives them 350 million customers. That’s a lot. They also own Pakistan telecomunications company Paktel, which seems like an odd fit, but whatever. China Mobile is the largest company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

They’re owned by the government of the People’s Republic of China, which may or may not be OK depending on how you feel about human rights and the decline of the West.
What they bring to OHA and Android: A massive subscriber base.

Just recently at the World Economic Forum, China Mobile scared the hell out of a bunch of people when their CEO Wang Jianzhou said in response to queries about what it does with users private information: “We can access the information and see where someone is, but we never give this information away … Only if the security authorities ask for it.” Owned by the Chinese Government + Only if the security authorities ask for it = someone’s Chinese ass in jail.

Google’s mantra is “Do No Evil.” Now, I don’t really think that the Chinese Government is evil, nor is China Mobile; the world just isn’t black and white like that, and I have an aversion to ethnocentrism. But “Do No Evil” is as much a PR slogan as anything else, and I would bet that a large majority of the public to whom that slogan is meant to appeal would not consider it an act of goodness to hand location information from a GPS-enabled handset over to the Chinese authorities, who are not well known for their respect for human rights. But, such is the reality of the World Economy that Google is in a consortium with a company that may or may not be doing something the public of the western world would find distasteful.

What do they really bring to the OHA? Moral ambiguity.

As always, we want to thank Jordan for taking the time to do this series for us. Please take a few minutes and visit and read some of his articles. He has a great site going and we love his snarky tone.

Previous 34 Weeks: #1, #2, #3, #4

Some People Don’t Get It

We here at AndroidGuys keep a close eye on around 10-15 tech, gadget, and cellular sites as well as a couple of ‘blogs’ we like to cull information from. It always surprises us when a site we revere seems to miss the mark rather bad. We came across an article at TechCrunch today that totally will undoubtedly confuse readers. They’d have you believe that Android phones are already delayed. This is completely wrong. Nowhere else will you read this. The truth is, the 2nd version of the SDK is being delayed as is the deadline for the Android Developers Challenge. And that, friends, we reported last week.

Google’s Android mobile operating system is already hitting snags. It is not even out of the gate yet, and the software development kit that programmers need to create applications for Android is being pushed back a few weeks. Because of this delay, the deadline for the $10 million Android Developer’s Challenge is also being pushed back a month from March 3 to April 14.

We’re talking about a site that has 644,000+ readers. They’ve got a staff much bigger than ours and they’ve been to all the glitzy conferences and shows. Wouldn’t you think they owe it to their readers to fact-check something before posting it? It’s like they didn’t even read their own words or links.

I am beginning to have a hard time telling the difference between Google and Microsoft.

Trying to be inflammatory with remarks just to get a zing in on someone gives us a sense that these guys are pretending to be bigger than they really are. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not taking them out of our RSS reader (like one commenting visitor) just yet. We’ll still check back every few hours to see what they’ve got. Except, for a while, we’ll be very hesitant to report on something from them as ‘news’ as in the past. The part that bothers us the most is that they have so many readers who might not check the ‘facts’ presented there against other sources. This is a lesson we’ve learned to do very early on. C’mon TechCrunch, get your act together.

Rest assured, AndroidGuys will do all we can to prevent stuff like this from happening.