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Alienware: No Comment

TechRadar spoke with Alienware’s Mat Bettinson earlier today about that mock-up for a prototype. They were served up the good old “no comment” when asked about the company’s plans to move into the mobile phone market. Bettinson says that Alienware was “flattered by the mock-up”. Adding, the “design is not necessarily what Alienware would do, but it’s interesting to see how the artist sees Alienware design elements enhancing another technology product.”


Samsung Dropping Two Android-Based Phones in ’08?

Here’s a departure from what we’ve already heard. Samsung is rumored to be releasing to handsets this fall and winter. A high end model due in September and a lower end model due in time for Christmas. So far, we’ve only been told 2009 for Samsung. On top of that, HTC is the company rumored to be bringing the first device to market.

Which carrier will get the phones? According to this article, both Verizon and T-Mobile are mulling it over. The first non-exclusive phones from Google might be around the corner however we’re not holding our breath over this as apparently the source has an shaky past when it comes to breaking news. One thing that tips us off that it might be inaccurate: Referring to them as gPhones and not Android-based. Google is not in the business of branding a phone (yet).

There are two gPhones slated for release with the first coming in September and the second probably not appearing until after Christmas. Given that the first is the high-end model and the second is cheaper, Google will probably expect to make as much money as possible on the higher-margin units at Christmas before revealing the budget model even exists…

Both will include WiFi, which makes me wonder if a VoIP client will be there, too. The high-end phone will look somewhat like a Blackberry Pearl, but the screen flips up and there is a keyboard for texting. No word on pricing for the high-end phone, but the second model is intended to be less than $100 — AFTER Christmas.

Rumor Mill Churns Again

Here’s one for you to chew on this weekend. Dialphone has some mock-up pictures of an alleged Alienware handset due out this year which will be running Android. No, seriously. That’s what it looks like.

For those of you calling hoax on this, might I remind you of something? Alienware was acquired by a little computer company named Dell. If that name rings a bell, you might also remember some rumors flying around just before the Mobile World Congress. Something to the effect of “Dell to create gPhones.”

This has to be the most unique looking phone we’ve seen in a while. Would you carry one of these around?

This Week in Open Handset Alliance News (February 15th Edition)

We changed the title of our Friday round-up article but not by much. Formerly “OHA News”, all we really did was add a few words to the beginning so prospective readers get a better idea as to what’s in store when they open the article up. So how about that MWC/3GSM show, huh? All kinds of goodness came out of it. There was plenty to report on in or out of Barcelona. Without further ado, here’s a handful of things that went down this week for the members of the Open Handset Alliance

Motorola and Nortel have been making eyes at each other (Wireless Week)
Nokia likes Google a whole bunch (Uber Phones)
Piracy suit names eBay in case (TopTechNews)
nVidia potential buyer for AMD? (Engadget)
Intel offices raided by EU (Pocket Lint)
Network interoperability from Sprint (PhoneScoop)
LG reading minds with new phone (Just Another Mobile Phone Blog)
Review of HTC Touch Cruise (GSM Arena)
T-Mobile waiving activation fees through the 18th (T-Mobile)
Starbucks will let you keep using your T-Mobile HotSpot account for 5 years (Information Week)

LG Announces Android Based Phone

LG plans to release this as of yet unnamed handset by the end of 2008 or the beginning of 2009. It should be noted that LG doesn’t currently offer handsets for T-Mobile, so could this be a hint of a handset that Sprint intends to carry? Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available to us.

Just a Little Clarification

Ok, so you’ve seen the reference models and prototypes from hardware and chip makers. You’re following the MWC show as closely as you can from a PC. You’re looking all over for an Android phone, a gPhone, a Google Phone, whatever… You might as well stop right now. Do not expect to see an actual device from the 4 founding members of the Open Handset Alliance this week. The companies (LG, Samsung, Motorola, and HTC) have not hinted at anything being revealed at Mobile World Congress. From day one, the target date for Android-based phones has been slated for “Second half of 2008” so let’s be patient.

If you’re relatively new to the whole Android thing, here’s what we know so far. Samsung has promised an Android phone by early 2009 and LG Electronics says the same thing, if not late 2008. HTC is expected to bring a handset to T-Mobile by the end of this year. It could be 4-6 more months before you get to see something brand new. For now, you’ll have to make do with prototypes showing off the operating system.

zPhone Rumors Start Today

After pretty much getting laughed at by Yahoo! over the last few days, Microsoft decided they’d buy another company up instead. Today, news is coming out of Silicon Valley that they purchased Danger. Yep, the same Danger who makes the Sidekick from T-Mobile.

Let’s do a little math, shall we? Hardware(Danger) + Software(MS) + Phone(T-Mobile,etc) = Zune Phone?

Did Microsoft just start the ball rolling for their version of the iPhone killer? Time will tell.