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AG5 – February 16th Edition

It’s Saturday again so it’s time to hit you up with 5 AndroidGuys we think are worth another look. If this is your first time stopping by, consider this your Cliffs Notes for the last week. 3GSM/MWC has ended and now we start looking forward to the products and services coming in 2008. Android and the Open Handset Alliance are poised to place themselves prominently within the industry and we hope you’ll continue to rely on us for your news and opinion. To make sure you don’t miss anything important, subscribe to our standard feed as well as our podcast feed.

#1 – Android makes its official debut
Finally! After what seemed like an eternity, we get to see it in the wild. What was the initial response? It’s fast and doesn’t need much power to run it! Imagine the potential with cutting edge technology.

#2 – Reactions to new SDK are all over the spectrum
In what comes as no surprise to us, Android’s new developer kit is being compared to iPhone. This will be one of those cases where you can’t please everybody all the time. Get used to it.

#3 – Nokia picks Google for its search
Is it us, or does Nokia seem like they are being really aggressive with their purchases and alignments? Almost weekly, we hear of something else the cellular giant is doing to position themselves for the long term.

#4 – Microsoft likes Danger so much, they bought ’em
Does Microsoft want to make their own handset to deliver Windows Mobile to the masses? Now, if they ever get up enough money to buy Yahoo, we could see a super duper device deluxe!

#5 – LiMo is getting a whole lot more attention than expected
With a full year head start on the Open Handset Alliance, the LiMo Foundation not only debuted 18 handsets at MWC, they also announced 9 new partners. At 32 members, they are breathing down the OHA’s neck. Or are they already out in front?


This Week in Open Handset Alliance News (February 15th Edition)

We changed the title of our Friday round-up article but not by much. Formerly “OHA News”, all we really did was add a few words to the beginning so prospective readers get a better idea as to what’s in store when they open the article up. So how about that MWC/3GSM show, huh? All kinds of goodness came out of it. There was plenty to report on in or out of Barcelona. Without further ado, here’s a handful of things that went down this week for the members of the Open Handset Alliance

Motorola and Nortel have been making eyes at each other (Wireless Week)
Nokia likes Google a whole bunch (Uber Phones)
Piracy suit names eBay in case (TopTechNews)
nVidia potential buyer for AMD? (Engadget)
Intel offices raided by EU (Pocket Lint)
Network interoperability from Sprint (PhoneScoop)
LG reading minds with new phone (Just Another Mobile Phone Blog)
Review of HTC Touch Cruise (GSM Arena)
T-Mobile waiving activation fees through the 18th (T-Mobile)
Starbucks will let you keep using your T-Mobile HotSpot account for 5 years (Information Week)

Starbucks Leaving T-Mobile for AT&T

Coffee giant Starbucks is moving from T-Mobile to AT&T for its Wi-Fi provider. And just like that, T-Mobile loses 7,000 HotSpots. In a deal that dates back to 2002, Starbucks was originally lined up with MobileStar and then T-Mobile. The switch is expected to happen in the second quarter of this year. So what happens to all of the current T-Mobile customers who already had an account set up? Good news! According to Starbucks, they get to keep their accounts.

“In recognition of the many T-Mobile customers who enjoy visiting Starbucks, the Company is also announcing that T-Mobile HotSpot customers will be able to continue to access Wi-Fi services at no additional cost, through an agreement between AT&T and T-Mobile.”

Source: Wi-FI Networking News
Source: BusinessWire

AG5 – February 9th Edition

It’s Saturday so you know what that means… Time to hit you guys with 5 articles worth another look. If this is your first time stopping by AndroidGuys, consider this your Cliffs Notes for the last week. 3GSM/MWC starts Monday so check back often for breaking news and updates. We promise to provide you with anything we can get our hands on relating to Android and the Open Handset Alliance. In fact, to make sure you don’t miss anything important, subscribe to our feed. Oh, and if you like podcasts, we offer those too!

#1 – FCC Auction runs hot and cold
First we hear that the auction is likely over with the reserve price being hit. A day or two goes by and then we find out that the regional spectrum now sits at a higher total than the nationwide block. Looks like the spectrum will be broken into regions and sold individually. That is unless, bidding gets going again. A few rounds have gone by without much action. Last time we checked, the rumors were that Google owns high national bid while Verizon owns the regionals. If this is true, look for Verizon to come away with the spectrum.

#2 – Yahoo! Google to the Rescue!?
We found out Monday that Google was none to pleased to be hearing of Microsoft’s recent offer to buy Yahoo! for $44 billion. By week’s end, the subject began to turn to Google being the company who might end up spending the money to acquire this little Silicon Valley company we’re pretty sure we’ve heard of somewhere before.

#3 – An Android phone on the cheap

Well, that is is you wanna spend up to a Franklin for the phone. Purple Labs, a non-OHA member announced this week that they have a prototype design for a Linux-based handset that should sell for under $100.

#4 – 3GSM / Mobile World Congress starting next week!
Finally, the day for Android is at hand. With pretty much no sign of Android at CES last month, save for 1 phone, many eyes have turned to Barcelona for the much anticipated OS from Google and friends. Look for a handful of designs and working models. Our gut tells us there will be some pretty breathtaking stuff. We’ll see if we’re right by this time next week.

#5 – Speaking of 3GSM, here’s a company to watch for…
Here’s a company called The Astonishing Tribe that designs spectacular looking user interfaces for mobile devices. TAT is an official member of the Open Handset Alliance. TAT will be showing some concepts at 3GSM. They’ll also be showing stuff with nVidia and Texas Instruments, both of which are OHA members. While nothing has been confirmed officially or unofficially, we have to say this… It feels like there are stars lining up over Spain. Cross your fingers!

Open Handset Alliance News (February 8th Edition)

Holy cow! We are so close to 3GSM / Mobile World Congress that we can taste it. Have you noticed how almost all the discussion surrounding next week is anticipation for Android and what Google is bringing to the show? This time next week we should have a very clear picture as to what the different handset makers are doing for 2008. T-Mobile changing up their T-Zones service (mocoNews)

Samsung Soul appears in time for 3GSM/MWC (Akihabara News)

Google adds ‘local’ to news page (Google Blogoscoped)

Qualcomm as LTE in their future (PR Newswire)

Spring adds an unlimited everything plan (Sprint)

Motorola hooking up with Siemens & Philips? (GSM Arena)

HTC Magnum fooled a lot of people (Into Mobile)

TI and MIT get together for a new chip concept (TechNewsWorld)

Pre MWC LG KF510 is S.E.X.Y. ( UberPhones)

Verizon Vs Google in 700MHz Showdown?

The latest information we’re gathering this morning indicates that Verizon might be the company going around bidding up all the regional spectrum. If you recall from yesterday’s post, if the total amounts for the regional spectrum spots are higher than the nationwide block, it gets split up and given to the high bidders of each region.

It’s rumored that Google was the company who bid up the price just over the reserve of $4.6B and was poised to take it home. Are the Mountain View boys upset by this? We seriously doubt it. They’re more than happy that whoever walks away with it, has to open it up. Oh, and by the way… The auction is not over just yet. So hang in there.

See, we told you this would be fun!

Source: Engadget Mobile | Forbes

34 Weeks of OHA: #5

Open Handset Alliance Member Profiles (Week #5 – China Mobile)
For 34 weeks, each Tuesday, Jordan from will be joining us to offer a profile of each of the 34 members of the Open Handset Alliance.

Company Name:
China Mobile Communications Corporation

How the OHA site classifies them: Mobile Operator

What the OHA site says about them: Nothing. There’s no blurb. Might be a translation issue.

What they do: Provide mobile service to more people than any other carrier in the world.

They have somewhere around two-thirds of the Chinese mobile market, which, according to Wikipedia, gives them 350 million customers. That’s a lot. They also own Pakistan telecomunications company Paktel, which seems like an odd fit, but whatever. China Mobile is the largest company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

They’re owned by the government of the People’s Republic of China, which may or may not be OK depending on how you feel about human rights and the decline of the West.
What they bring to OHA and Android: A massive subscriber base.

Just recently at the World Economic Forum, China Mobile scared the hell out of a bunch of people when their CEO Wang Jianzhou said in response to queries about what it does with users private information: “We can access the information and see where someone is, but we never give this information away … Only if the security authorities ask for it.” Owned by the Chinese Government + Only if the security authorities ask for it = someone’s Chinese ass in jail.

Google’s mantra is “Do No Evil.” Now, I don’t really think that the Chinese Government is evil, nor is China Mobile; the world just isn’t black and white like that, and I have an aversion to ethnocentrism. But “Do No Evil” is as much a PR slogan as anything else, and I would bet that a large majority of the public to whom that slogan is meant to appeal would not consider it an act of goodness to hand location information from a GPS-enabled handset over to the Chinese authorities, who are not well known for their respect for human rights. But, such is the reality of the World Economy that Google is in a consortium with a company that may or may not be doing something the public of the western world would find distasteful.

What do they really bring to the OHA? Moral ambiguity.

As always, we want to thank Jordan for taking the time to do this series for us. Please take a few minutes and visit and read some of his articles. He has a great site going and we love his snarky tone.

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