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PacketVideo Brings TV to Any Wi-Fi Capable Phone

For user of phones and mobile entertainment devices without TV capability, your day has come. PacketVideo, one of the founding members of the Open Handset Alliance, has demonstrated a mobile receiver device that decodes digital TV signal and re-purposes it for use on phones.

The receiver is compatible with all of the major mobile standards like TDtv, DVB-H, MediaFLO, and WiMAX. Compatible with many phones including the Nokia N-series, Apple iPhone and HTC Smartphone devices, the receiver can be customized with the operator’s badge.


AG5 – February 16th Edition

It’s Saturday again so it’s time to hit you up with 5 AndroidGuys we think are worth another look. If this is your first time stopping by, consider this your Cliffs Notes for the last week. 3GSM/MWC has ended and now we start looking forward to the products and services coming in 2008. Android and the Open Handset Alliance are poised to place themselves prominently within the industry and we hope you’ll continue to rely on us for your news and opinion. To make sure you don’t miss anything important, subscribe to our standard feed as well as our podcast feed.

#1 – Android makes its official debut
Finally! After what seemed like an eternity, we get to see it in the wild. What was the initial response? It’s fast and doesn’t need much power to run it! Imagine the potential with cutting edge technology.

#2 – Reactions to new SDK are all over the spectrum
In what comes as no surprise to us, Android’s new developer kit is being compared to iPhone. This will be one of those cases where you can’t please everybody all the time. Get used to it.

#3 – Nokia picks Google for its search
Is it us, or does Nokia seem like they are being really aggressive with their purchases and alignments? Almost weekly, we hear of something else the cellular giant is doing to position themselves for the long term.

#4 – Microsoft likes Danger so much, they bought ’em
Does Microsoft want to make their own handset to deliver Windows Mobile to the masses? Now, if they ever get up enough money to buy Yahoo, we could see a super duper device deluxe!

#5 – LiMo is getting a whole lot more attention than expected
With a full year head start on the Open Handset Alliance, the LiMo Foundation not only debuted 18 handsets at MWC, they also announced 9 new partners. At 32 members, they are breathing down the OHA’s neck. Or are they already out in front?

This Week in Open Handset Alliance News (February 15th Edition)

We changed the title of our Friday round-up article but not by much. Formerly “OHA News”, all we really did was add a few words to the beginning so prospective readers get a better idea as to what’s in store when they open the article up. So how about that MWC/3GSM show, huh? All kinds of goodness came out of it. There was plenty to report on in or out of Barcelona. Without further ado, here’s a handful of things that went down this week for the members of the Open Handset Alliance

Motorola and Nortel have been making eyes at each other (Wireless Week)
Nokia likes Google a whole bunch (Uber Phones)
Piracy suit names eBay in case (TopTechNews)
nVidia potential buyer for AMD? (Engadget)
Intel offices raided by EU (Pocket Lint)
Network interoperability from Sprint (PhoneScoop)
LG reading minds with new phone (Just Another Mobile Phone Blog)
Review of HTC Touch Cruise (GSM Arena)
T-Mobile waiving activation fees through the 18th (T-Mobile)
Starbucks will let you keep using your T-Mobile HotSpot account for 5 years (Information Week)

Android Goodies

While stumbling around the Google Android code page, I noticed a link not yet mentioned anywhere else. It seems our good friends at Google have put together 6 wallpapers based around Android. We’re definitely gonna keep our eye on this page as we’re curious what other ‘goodies‘ will pop up.

Go download a new wallpaper for your (soon to be) favorite mobile platform!

SDK Update Has Been Released

Just got word from the official Android blog that the new SDK has been loosed on the world. Sounding like an actual Android’s name, m5-rc14, is now available to developers. So what changes can one expect?

Taken directly from the blog…

  • New user interface – As I mentioned when we introduced the m3 version of the Android SDK, we’re continuing to refine the UI that’s available for Android. m5-rc14 replaces the previous placeholder with a new UI, but as before, work on it is still in-progress.
  • Layout animations – Developers can now create layout animations for their applications using the capabilities introduced in the android.view.animation package. Check out the LayoutAnimation*.java files in the APIDemos sample code for examples of how this works.
  • Geo-coding – android.location.Geocoder enables developers to forward and reverse geo-code (i.e. translate an address into a coordinate and vice-versa), and also search for businesses.
  • New media codecs – The MediaPlayer class has added support for the OGG Vorbis, MIDI, XMF, iMelody, RTTL/RTX, and OTA audio file formats.
  • Updated Eclipse plug-in – A new version of ADT is available and provides improvements to the Android developer experience. In particular, check out the new Android Manifest editor.

You can submit your project to the Developers Challenge using any version of the SDK you’d like.

Android Initial Reactions (Meta Review) – UPDATE

Rather than do a post for each tech site out there, we’re going to do a meta-review for all of the initial reactions coming in from around the web. We’ll dock this one at the top of the site and continue to add to it throughout the week. Bookmark this post or subscribe to the feed as we’ll be busy with this one!

It’s definitely very promising,” an analyst for technology research firm Gartner, Carolina Milanesi, told AFP. “This means that we should be on track to see commercial devices in the second half of 2008. Yahoo! News

The interface was quite snappy — it was almost exactly as swift as the emulated software on any PC — and it looks good and tight with lots of nice transitions et al. Crunch Gear

The interface is dead quick and rather glorious, and while we had no internet connectivity on it, we still were able to have a peek at various applications. In a few words, we like what we see. Engadget Mobile

The one thing I will say is, Android is fast, fast, fast. Like, OMG fast. Faster than any phone UI I’ve had a chance to play with before. Information Week

… you won’t have to wait that long until you can stick it to Microsoft with a Google phone – they’ll be out in the second half of this year. Sign us up.

All Your Mobile OS Are Belong to Symbian

Remember a few weeks back when Apple was bragging up their 4 million handsets shipped stats? Ok. And yesterday Microsoft announced 14.3 million shipped in last 6 months. Hmm, impressive. How about this one? Nokia says they shipped more 77 million Symbian phones last year. And that’s that.

How many Android phones will ship in the first 12 months? Anyone care to wager a guess?