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AG5 – February 16th Edition

It’s Saturday again so it’s time to hit you up with 5 AndroidGuys we think are worth another look. If this is your first time stopping by, consider this your Cliffs Notes for the last week. 3GSM/MWC has ended and now we start looking forward to the products and services coming in 2008. Android and the Open Handset Alliance are poised to place themselves prominently within the industry and we hope you’ll continue to rely on us for your news and opinion. To make sure you don’t miss anything important, subscribe to our standard feed as well as our podcast feed.

#1 – Android makes its official debut
Finally! After what seemed like an eternity, we get to see it in the wild. What was the initial response? It’s fast and doesn’t need much power to run it! Imagine the potential with cutting edge technology.

#2 – Reactions to new SDK are all over the spectrum
In what comes as no surprise to us, Android’s new developer kit is being compared to iPhone. This will be one of those cases where you can’t please everybody all the time. Get used to it.

#3 – Nokia picks Google for its search
Is it us, or does Nokia seem like they are being really aggressive with their purchases and alignments? Almost weekly, we hear of something else the cellular giant is doing to position themselves for the long term.

#4 – Microsoft likes Danger so much, they bought ’em
Does Microsoft want to make their own handset to deliver Windows Mobile to the masses? Now, if they ever get up enough money to buy Yahoo, we could see a super duper device deluxe!

#5 – LiMo is getting a whole lot more attention than expected
With a full year head start on the Open Handset Alliance, the LiMo Foundation not only debuted 18 handsets at MWC, they also announced 9 new partners. At 32 members, they are breathing down the OHA’s neck. Or are they already out in front?


AG5 – February 9th Edition

It’s Saturday so you know what that means… Time to hit you guys with 5 articles worth another look. If this is your first time stopping by AndroidGuys, consider this your Cliffs Notes for the last week. 3GSM/MWC starts Monday so check back often for breaking news and updates. We promise to provide you with anything we can get our hands on relating to Android and the Open Handset Alliance. In fact, to make sure you don’t miss anything important, subscribe to our feed. Oh, and if you like podcasts, we offer those too!

#1 – FCC Auction runs hot and cold
First we hear that the auction is likely over with the reserve price being hit. A day or two goes by and then we find out that the regional spectrum now sits at a higher total than the nationwide block. Looks like the spectrum will be broken into regions and sold individually. That is unless, bidding gets going again. A few rounds have gone by without much action. Last time we checked, the rumors were that Google owns high national bid while Verizon owns the regionals. If this is true, look for Verizon to come away with the spectrum.

#2 – Yahoo! Google to the Rescue!?
We found out Monday that Google was none to pleased to be hearing of Microsoft’s recent offer to buy Yahoo! for $44 billion. By week’s end, the subject began to turn to Google being the company who might end up spending the money to acquire this little Silicon Valley company we’re pretty sure we’ve heard of somewhere before.

#3 – An Android phone on the cheap

Well, that is is you wanna spend up to a Franklin for the phone. Purple Labs, a non-OHA member announced this week that they have a prototype design for a Linux-based handset that should sell for under $100.

#4 – 3GSM / Mobile World Congress starting next week!
Finally, the day for Android is at hand. With pretty much no sign of Android at CES last month, save for 1 phone, many eyes have turned to Barcelona for the much anticipated OS from Google and friends. Look for a handful of designs and working models. Our gut tells us there will be some pretty breathtaking stuff. We’ll see if we’re right by this time next week.

#5 – Speaking of 3GSM, here’s a company to watch for…
Here’s a company called The Astonishing Tribe that designs spectacular looking user interfaces for mobile devices. TAT is an official member of the Open Handset Alliance. TAT will be showing some concepts at 3GSM. They’ll also be showing stuff with nVidia and Texas Instruments, both of which are OHA members. While nothing has been confirmed officially or unofficially, we have to say this… It feels like there are stars lining up over Spain. Cross your fingers!

AG5 – February 2nd Edition

What a weird week that was. From big news to little news, to non-news, there was a little something for ever day. 3GSM/Mobile World Congress is less than 10 days away so we’re getting very excited about what could be in store for members of the Open Handset Alliance. These next few weeks are going to help forecast the rest of this year. All the big guys show up and bring their latest gadgets and phones.

#1 – The auction for 700MHz met its reserve.
We’ll have an open network from somebody in just about 1 year. Who that somebody is has yet to be realized or announced, but one thing is for sure. Everyone wins this one.

#2 – Dell and Google sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Hey everybody, Google is gonna have an actual phone at Barcelona! Dell is gonna partner up with them! …What? They’re not? Ahhh crap. Oh well. Wait, Dell’s not even gonna be at 3GSM?

#3 – Nokia bought themselves a little troll
Purchasing Trolltech for $153 million really opens some doors for Nokia. We wonder if they have a similar plan in mind as Google or perhaps they just wanna take them on head-to-head.

#4 – MIT (and other colleges) are offering classes in Android
Putting students in front of open-source is a smart move by universities. There’s nothing quite like what a hive-mind can achieve in our opinion.

#5 – Developer Challenge updates came in this week.
Extending the deadline to enter your project was good news. Getting a new SDK in the next few weeks is great news.

HTC: Touch Flo 2.0? Manila

Could HTC be on the verge of releasing an update to their critically acclaimed Touch Flo interface? According to a few sources such as Boy Genius Report & HTC Insider the update is codenamed “Manila” and is supposed to make Windows Mobile devices more “user friendly”. They also go on to say that Manila’s release my coincide with that of Windows Mobile 6.1. You can check out some screen shots here at The Personally, I was surprised when I finally got the chance to see Touch Flo in action for myself. I expected it to be sluggish, and not nearly as intuitive to us as the iPhone, but I was mistaken. It even has me considering a Touch Flo based device as my next handset.

AG5 – January 26th Edition

Another Saturday, another AG5. For regular visitors, AndroidGuys takes a look back at 5 headlines we think deserve a second look. If this is your first time stopping by, welcome to AndroidGuys! Here’s five things to bring you up to speed. Have a great weekend and we’ll see you again soon!

#1 – 700MHz Auction gets going.
The illustrious ‘C’ block reserve price of $4.6 billion was not met, but nobody was really surprised. Look for the auction to last a few weeks before we find out who wins it.

#2 – Motorola releases some rather unappealing numbers.

New CEO Greg Brown has a long road ahead of him as Motorola needs a wake up call of sorts. Did it come in the form of 4th quarter ’07 numbers? We hope so.

#3 – HTC seems to be selling Touches a pretty good rate.
Given that nobody has ever seen an HTC commercial, they are doing well against the Apple iPhone. With the right mix of software and promoting, HTC could put out a very sexy handset.

#4 – Android could become a major force.

In the first two months, programmers downloaded the software development kit for Android more than 250,000 times. This is way more than comparable SDK’s for mobile devices.

#5 – AndroidGuys showed up on a couple of other sites.
TechWag sat down to ask us a few questions for one of their interviews and Scott guest-blogged on The Big Bald Blog this week. Thanks to both of the for helping to spread who we are and what we think about Android.

AG5 – January 19th Edition

The last seven days saw Google, Android, and members of the Open Handset grabbing some decent headlines. Even with Macworld taking up most of the tech world’s attention, Google still found a way to get a little focus on them. Having Steve Jobs mention talk about your foray into the mobile world helps a little bit too. Not all the news was great, as you’ll see below. So without further ado, the AG5. If this is your first time stopping by, welcome to AndroidGuys! Here’s five things to bring you up to speed.

#1 – A La Mobile gets Android running on an HTC device.
Finally! A device that is not some prototype or reference model running our favorite new OS. Even though it’s an older model from HTC, it still makes all warm and fuzzy when we think about how much more real this is all becoming.

#2 – Jobs (people) cut and stores closed for a member of the OHA.
Sprint Nextel announced that they will be closing 125 of their retail stores and letting go of 4,000 people. Scary stuff for those affected. In related news, Nokia did a little closing/shuffling as well. Growing pains or trimming the fat?

#3 – Jobs (Steve) briefly mentions Android / Google and the iPhone
Ok, so he’s probably not the biggest fan of Android for obvious reasons, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t threatened by Android. On a similar note, Google officially offers their iPhone application.

#4 – FCC gears up for next week’s auction.
The list of bidders was trimmed to 214 final participants. For those not up to speed, the auction is on the 24th with a mock auction on the 22nd. Look for this to last a few weeks as the 700Mhz spectrum is highly sought after.

#5 – AndroidGuys profiles Shook Labs in our Developer Spotlight Series
Our most in-depth look into a developer yet. A project that looks to be of the more practical ones we’ve come across so far. Keep an eye on these guys!

AG5 – January 12th Edition

Alright so maybe this week didn’t turn out to be quite as eventful as we’d hoped for Open Handset Alliance news. CES was somewhat of a letdown in regards to Android information, leaks, and announcements. Regardless, we’re true to our word and are here to compile the five articles we feel you need to take a second look at. And if this is your first time stopping by, welcome to AndroidGuys! Here’s five things to bring you up to speed.

#1 – Yahoo Go to play nice with Android
Rather than trying to compete with Google and all of their services, Yahoo opened up their software so that it will work on not only Android, but the other mobile operating systems as well. Smart move.

#2 – Wistron Neweb GW4 will be Android Capable
Since none of the four handset makers brought any Android phones to the show, the GE4 got the big news this week. A sleeker looking version of that prototype phone we saw in the video, this phone resembles the T-Mobile Dash.

#3 – Penguinistas hacked Android onto devices
Leaver to Linux hackers to start throwing Android onto things as fast as they can. It’s only a matter of days and weeks before people are using it in a regular capacity. We’re most excited that we are finally seeing video and not just pictures. Makes things feel that more real.

#4 – Android was MIA @ CES
Not one of the 4 hardware manufacturers brought a single device to the show. Are they waiting for the big show in Barcelona? We certainly hope so.

#5 – Frontline Wireless closed up shop
After just being declared eligible for the 700MHz auction, one of the bigger names bidding ended up shutting their doors. No specific reasons were given. Could it be related to the billions needed to participate?