Samsung Dropping Two Android-Based Phones in ’08?

Here’s a departure from what we’ve already heard. Samsung is rumored to be releasing to handsets this fall and winter. A high end model due in September and a lower end model due in time for Christmas. So far, we’ve only been told 2009 for Samsung. On top of that, HTC is the company rumored to be bringing the first device to market.

Which carrier will get the phones? According to this article, both Verizon and T-Mobile are mulling it over. The first non-exclusive phones from Google might be around the corner however we’re not holding our breath over this as apparently the source has an shaky past when it comes to breaking news. One thing that tips us off that it might be inaccurate: Referring to them as gPhones and not Android-based. Google is not in the business of branding a phone (yet).

There are two gPhones slated for release with the first coming in September and the second probably not appearing until after Christmas. Given that the first is the high-end model and the second is cheaper, Google will probably expect to make as much money as possible on the higher-margin units at Christmas before revealing the budget model even exists…

Both will include WiFi, which makes me wonder if a VoIP client will be there, too. The high-end phone will look somewhat like a Blackberry Pearl, but the screen flips up and there is a keyboard for texting. No word on pricing for the high-end phone, but the second model is intended to be less than $100 — AFTER Christmas.


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