Just a Little Clarification

Ok, so you’ve seen the reference models and prototypes from hardware and chip makers. You’re following the MWC show as closely as you can from a PC. You’re looking all over for an Android phone, a gPhone, a Google Phone, whatever… You might as well stop right now. Do not expect to see an actual device from the 4 founding members of the Open Handset Alliance this week. The companies (LG, Samsung, Motorola, and HTC) have not hinted at anything being revealed at Mobile World Congress. From day one, the target date for Android-based phones has been slated for “Second half of 2008” so let’s be patient.

If you’re relatively new to the whole Android thing, here’s what we know so far. Samsung has promised an Android phone by early 2009 and LG Electronics says the same thing, if not late 2008. HTC is expected to bring a handset to T-Mobile by the end of this year. It could be 4-6 more months before you get to see something brand new. For now, you’ll have to make do with prototypes showing off the operating system.


One response to “Just a Little Clarification

  1. Ummmmm…No. I do not intend to be “patient”. I know all the handset manufactures and mobile OS makers wish they were in charge of things. And obviously the carriers are seriously delusional and really believe they are in control, but sorry guys – we consumers call the shots.

    The lack of public display of working gPhones phones is proof they are all running scared and it has become a game of brinkmanship to see who blinks first.

    Handset, mobile OS and carriers, you guys want to keep the illusion up for another week until this big industry “congress” ( There’s a symptom right there ) is over? Ok. But your carriage is gonna turn back into a pumpkin at midnight and the reality of the Android OS in the hands up us “untouchables” ( consumers ) will b there – staring your vendor locking, user hostile business model in the face.

    Love and kisses,

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