Texas Instruments Poised To Be Major Gphone Chip Producer

According to Information Week.com TI is poised to be the leading chip manufacturer of Google’s Android based phones. While this doesn’t come as a huge surprise or revelation considering Texas Instruments history in handset manufacturing, the article by Alexander Wolfe does lay out some pretty good reasons why TI’s OMAP processor is the “right fit” for Android Phones. You can read the complete article here. Texas Instruments is expected to have a working model of one of these handsets in Barcelona today, so keep checking back for pics and specs.

As promised here’s a pic of a device running on the Texas Instrument OMAP 3430 at 500 MHz. Thanks to ZD Net for the photo! Don’t forget this is a prototype so you will have to excuse it’s “rough” exterior. So far we know the device is 500 Mhz, features WiFi Bluetooth, and will show off one button access to apps such as email, web browsing, and messaging. You can check out a more extensive write up here on the Channel Web Network.


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