Nokia Will Reshape The Internet, Not Google

Well at least according to Nokia’s president and CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo. What makes him so sure of this bold statement? He believes that MAPS 2.0 an application that will be available later this summer is the answer. In an article on Kallasvuo said “By adding context–such as time, place and people–to the Internet, the Web will become something very different from the one you have today.” Take that Google! You can read the complete article here.

Never missing an opportunity to bash Google, Kallasvuo had this to say about Android. “Google’s Android is still a Power Point presentation.” Ouch! Perhaps one of the many Android based phones at the World Mobile Congress will fall on Mr. Kallasvuo’s head, but he should be okay. Afterall, Power Point presentations don’t hurt all that much.


4 responses to “Nokia Will Reshape The Internet, Not Google

  1. “What makes him so sure of this bold statement?”
    Maybe the fact that they’ve been leading the market for 20 years now. 😉
    Most of what Android will be is new only to the US, what Google is aiming at is, in part, what the Swedish have been doing for years.

  2. I’ll be the first to admit that we lag far behind Europe and the world when it comes to innovation in mobile technology. Great point Vitor.

  3. Oh, and just to make the record straight it wasn’t the CEO who said Android was still a power point presentation. It was some other guy.
    Anyway, the pp remark does not really add much to the conversation, smells just like MS FUD and wasn’t really necessary.

  4. I would love to see some solid phones created that will really have the hardware capacity to show off the features of Android which are hard to grasp for the average user. Something iPhone and Sidekick-esque would really give Android the upper hand.


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