LiMo Foundation Keeps Getting Bigger

The LiMo Foundation announced the addition of 9 more members to their partnership, bringing the total to around 30 players. The newest members are Orange, Access Co., AMD, FueTrek, Open-Plug, Renesas Technology, Samsung SDS, SoftBank and STMicroelectronics. Just short of the Open Handset Alliance’s 34 founding members, these guys might pose the biggest threat to Google’s deployment of Android. Either that or they act as the slightly smaller step-brother who keeps getting Google headlines and brand awareness. We defy you to find an article mentioning LiMo where Android is not in the same piece. It’s nothing but free publicity for Google and pals.

Anybody wanna wager on how long it takes for Google to pick up a few more partners in the OHA? Who thinks Google might just break out their wallet and wave it at LiMo and tell them to put on Android hats?


3 responses to “LiMo Foundation Keeps Getting Bigger

  1. Seems as though it was LiMo, not Android, who were actually showing phones at MWC. With the exception of the HTC custom device made specifically for Google, everything else was running on a silicon vendor’s development board, and not a phone in sight.

    And how come Rich Miner is bad-mouthing the same carriers who joined up in OHA..? Does he think this will increase the likelihood of the platform’s success…?

    Just wonderin’.

  2. You are right, to a degree. Android is a platform, not a phone. We’ve heard a few times that it will be second half of 2008 before the phones are out. LiMo was announced last year at 3GSM and we’re just now seeing their handsets.

    To your point, I cannot see why one open source conglomerate should be bad mouthing another. They need to be sticking up for each other more than anything.

  3. One key point which seems to have been forgotten here, though: remember why Google said that Android was necessary in the first place? And why they chose not to work with any of the existing mobile Linux-related groups?

    Because they weren’t moving fast enough.

    So, instead of working with existing efforts, and leveraging existing projects, they decided to write the whole ball of wax, exclusive of the kernel, on their lonesome.

    LiMo’s progress would seem to throw this whole line of reasoning into some doubt.

    Samsung expects, on the one hand, not to have an Android phone before 2009; on the other hand, a Samsung LiMo phone is coming out from Orange, by June.

    So, how’s that argument work again…?

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