Two Applications Debut for Android

We were contacted by a representative from Iambic this afternoon. Seems they have a couple of programs for Android ready to go. The first one, ‘Tipper’ is one of those handy apps that finds itself becoming more useful over time. Impress your friends when you are able to split up a bill and calculate tips based off of number of payers and percentage. Ok, so it’s not exactly groundbreaking but with a nice clean look to it, Tipper should make for easy use.

The other application finds itself being more practical yet. ‘Googhelper’ for Android is a utility that helps you launch different Internet searches using mobile versions of sites like Google, Yahoo! Finance, and Amazon, among others. Another case of simple design with intuitive interface. Programs like this get a lot of play when it’s so easy to get around them.

Once you’re done with AndroidGuys, take a trip over to to read more about their projects and other applications. You’ll find a couple of videos of these programs in action.

Thanks to Annie for the email today!


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