About the New Look

all3_androids2 Alright, we’d like to take a second to address the new logo at the top of the site. For those of you who have visited the site before, you’ll recall that we used to have a completely different looking robot at the top of the site. It was from a stock image, royalty free, and easy to implement. When starting out, it was the best thing we could find.

Times have changed. The biggest problem we had with the robot was that we are AndroidGuys, plural. That poor robot did nothing to indicate we were two guys. Aside from that, it looked nothing like the stuff coming from Google or Android. Using the little green robot from the official stuff as a reference, we created two unique android guys to use as our new logo. Just in time for 3GSM and right on the heels of all this traffic surging we’re seeing. Feels more in line with Google and the Open Handset Alliance and we hope you like it!


3 responses to “About the New Look

  1. I like it. You guys are the only daily updated Android site that I have yet to find. Keep up the good work!

  2. Scott Webster

    Thank you for the kind words. We try to stay a step ahead of everyone else when it comes to Android and the OHA. Be sure to tell your friends about us!

  3. I dig the new look which gives your blog (and Entrecard) a more personal look while maintaining that spiritual connection with Google Android. 😉


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