Talks Heating Up Between Google and Yahooo

You can say whatever you want about Microsoft regarding their faulty hardware (Xbox 360) or their buggy software (insert any version of Windows here) but you can’t knock the success they have enjoyed over the years. The majority of PC’s in the world still use the Windows OS, and Microsoft Office is still the productivity software of choice among businesses and eduacational institutions. So why is that with all of Microsoft’s success and their proven track record as a company Yahoo seems dead set against being acquired by the software giant? In an article posted on Computer World the talks between Yahoo and Google appear to be heating up. This in spite of most experts in the field agreeing that such a merger isn’t likely to pass anti trust regulations. You can read the full article here. Only a few weeks ago we were discussing the moves Yahoo was making to become more competitive with Google. Obviously something has changed in that relationship for Yahoo to openly court their “enemy”. This should be interesting when it’s all said and done. Stay tuned.


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