Might Android Look Like This?

We’ve all seen the screenshots of the Android interface floating around on the mockups and reference model. You know the one with the mountain in the back and the menu below. While it might be cool looking a few people, the general consensus would probably be that it looks antiquated and stripped of any flavor. Enter The Astonishing Tribe. TAT is a group of around 100 or more employees working in Sweden, South Korea, and the United States on projects for companies like Samsung and Motorola. They design mobile user interfaces and they do a darn good job of it too.

It’s no secret that Apple raised the bar when it comes to UI. Pretty much any phone that comes out within the next few years is going to be scrutinized and compared to how the iPhone feels. With concepts like those pictured here, TAT stands a very good chance at taking Android to the dance in a very pretty dress. Some of these designs look years ahead of the stuff people with WinMo and Symbian are running around with today.

Remember that these are concepts only. We don’t know for sure what the next-gen Android UI will look like, but we’re hoping it resembles any one of these. Head over to the TAT Conceptlab if you’d like to see more pictures and video of these in action! TAT will be at MWC next week and we might be getting an early glimpse.

…will be showing off what we believe is the future of social networking and community applications on your mobile device, based on Texas Instruments’ OMAP3430 solution. By incorporating the latest in user interaction design with technologies, such as Open GL|ES 2.0 and multi-touch, in the UI, we have managed to create a UI driven social networking application that will challenge the way mobiles devices are designed going forward…

They’ll also be showing with nVidia and ARM. Don’t forget, Texas Instruments and nVidia are founding members of the Open Handset Alliance as well. Lends a little more credence to the theory that ARM might be willing to align.


One response to “Might Android Look Like This?

  1. Kanak Bhandari

    Hey wow .. the interface looks really good !!! I hope with all the hype, something good pops up as android UI

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