Do Not Be Fooled

The rumors you are hearing about an HTC Magnum device are false. It is a prank done by a few guys from Portugal. Seriously.. 30 hour battery life, an 80GB hard drive and 2GB of ROM? Then throw in an 800MHz Marvell processor, 512MB of RAM, and a 128MB AMD graphics processor.

Oh yeah… the best part is that it weight 1.6 lbs. guys! But wait, there’s more! They have pictures of it. It is rather funny to see all these sites who picked upon it yesterday. Sites like Electronista, PhoneMag, SlashGear are wiping a little egg off of their faces today.


One response to “Do Not Be Fooled

  1. My team is developing an Android app called uPostLive. What uPostLive could do for mobile is equal to what Google Seach does for desktop.

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