Sub $100 Linux Phone

Purple Labs, a member of the LiMo Foundation has recently announced a 3G Linux reference feature phone offering video telephony, music playback, high-speed Internet browsing and video streaming at a transfer price below US$100. As of right now, this is more of a proof of concept, or prototype so don’t expect to see one available for a while. The best part about all this is that since it’s Linux based, it’s Android capable! Remember kiddies, just because the Open Handset Alliance members aren’t the ones releasing devices like these, they are not restricted from running Android.

If you’re dying to get a glimpse of it in action, run to your nearest airport and purchase a ticket to Barcelona, Spain. That’s right, Purple Labs will have these babies at Mobile World Congress/3GSM.

“The Purple Magic reference phone clearly demonstrates our combined leadership in the mobile Linux arena,” added Wilkinson. “While the mobile Linux industry has largely concentrated on high-end devices, the Purple Magic is the first 3G Linux mass-market reference feature phone available today.”

Source: MobileTechNews
Source: Purple Labs

Thanks to loyal reader Todd for the heads up!


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