20/20 Podcast #8

Last Wednesday saw Jamie and Scott sitting down to record another pair of 20/20 podcasts. Rather than sticking to a pre-planned ‘script’ for talking from, we decided to give ourselves a few bullet points to choose from and tackle them in whatever order seemed logical. Our conversation felt more natural to us as we shot from the hip. We’re pleased with the results and hope that you will be too! If you have a topic or comment that you’d like to see us cover, leave a comment or drop an email. If you like what you hear, subscribe to the AndroidGuys 20/20 Podcast Feed today!

Part 1 (#8A) topics include how Google Android will fit into the prepaid business model. We also touch on the Dell/Google rumor from last week as well as Motorola‘s possible exodus. Finally, the developer kit news regarding the extended entry date for the Developer Challenge and 700MHz auction round out the first 20 minutes.

Part 2 (#8B) had us getting into Nokia and Trolltech‘s announcement last week. Is Nokia competing directly with Google or do they have similar end games? We also forecast a little bit into Yahoo and who might be best suited to buy them and/or rescue them. Skyfire was just a brand new topic when we recorded this so we touched a bit on how it should work. And lastly, we mention and have a little bit of fun daydreaming with the potential of barcode scanners on phones. As we signed off, we had a plea to carriers and ask for lower texting rates.


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