Some People Don’t Get It

We here at AndroidGuys keep a close eye on around 10-15 tech, gadget, and cellular sites as well as a couple of ‘blogs’ we like to cull information from. It always surprises us when a site we revere seems to miss the mark rather bad. We came across an article at TechCrunch today that totally will undoubtedly confuse readers. They’d have you believe that Android phones are already delayed. This is completely wrong. Nowhere else will you read this. The truth is, the 2nd version of the SDK is being delayed as is the deadline for the Android Developers Challenge. And that, friends, we reported last week.

Google’s Android mobile operating system is already hitting snags. It is not even out of the gate yet, and the software development kit that programmers need to create applications for Android is being pushed back a few weeks. Because of this delay, the deadline for the $10 million Android Developer’s Challenge is also being pushed back a month from March 3 to April 14.

We’re talking about a site that has 644,000+ readers. They’ve got a staff much bigger than ours and they’ve been to all the glitzy conferences and shows. Wouldn’t you think they owe it to their readers to fact-check something before posting it? It’s like they didn’t even read their own words or links.

I am beginning to have a hard time telling the difference between Google and Microsoft.

Trying to be inflammatory with remarks just to get a zing in on someone gives us a sense that these guys are pretending to be bigger than they really are. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not taking them out of our RSS reader (like one commenting visitor) just yet. We’ll still check back every few hours to see what they’ve got. Except, for a while, we’ll be very hesitant to report on something from them as ‘news’ as in the past. The part that bothers us the most is that they have so many readers who might not check the ‘facts’ presented there against other sources. This is a lesson we’ve learned to do very early on. C’mon TechCrunch, get your act together.

Rest assured, AndroidGuys will do all we can to prevent stuff like this from happening.


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