LiMo Platform Due in March

We haven’t quite figured out whether LiMo is Android’s biggest competition or their closest ally. Since both the LiMo Foundation and the Open Handset Alliance share a lot of similar members, it’s hard to say.

Scheduled to be at Mobile World Congress (3GSM) next week, the foundation will be showing off their software platform. Pretty much all eyes are focused on what Google and partners will be announcing or debuting. Will LiMo steal some thunder from them? We’ll find out soon! In the meanwhile, check out this quote…

The LiMo Platform is being readied by mobile leaders working in unison to deliver an open handset platform for use by the whole industry,” said Morgan Gillis, executive director of the LiMo Foundation. “The first release of the LiMo Platform combines technologies already extensively market proven within an array of leading handsets. This will enable initial LiMo handsets to register in the marketplace far more rapidly than handsets based on unproven technology. In addition, we are now making the platform APIs freely available to the public in order to begin the widespread engagement of developer talent and innovation that will shape the new mobile consumer experiences of tomorrow.

Wonder what they mean by ‘unproven technology‘? Google ought to just take a little money, sit down with these guys and the LiPS Forum and make one big beast ready to take on all. Stranger things, right?


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