Google Yahoo’s Savior?

Microsoft is interested in purchasing Yahoo, but the giant search company has another “alliance” in mind. According to Reuters Yahoo is revisiting the idea of an alliance with Google . Such a move could block Microsoft from any type of purchase. You can read the full article here. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t mind seeing Yahoo owned by Microsoft. Competition is a good thing, and if Google somehow manages to acquire a controlling interest in Yahoo that ‘s one less search company for consumers to use. It’s obvious why Google doesn’t want Microsoft to obtain Yahoo, so this alliance would benefit Yahoo and Google. Microsoft has pretty deep pockets though, so if they really want Yahoo they will most likely win any bidding war. Stay tuned to Android Guys for more on this one.


2 responses to “Google Yahoo’s Savior?

  1. Internet Entrepreneur

    I’ll tell you why the merger between yahoo and Google will not happen. Because if it were to happen, Google would become a monopoly.

    All company mergers have to be approved not by the companies, but by the government!

  2. Yes, you are correct! While the possibility of a merger seems unlikely, perhaps Yahoo and Google have something else in mind? We will have to wait and see.

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