AG5 – February 2nd Edition

What a weird week that was. From big news to little news, to non-news, there was a little something for ever day. 3GSM/Mobile World Congress is less than 10 days away so we’re getting very excited about what could be in store for members of the Open Handset Alliance. These next few weeks are going to help forecast the rest of this year. All the big guys show up and bring their latest gadgets and phones.

#1 – The auction for 700MHz met its reserve.
We’ll have an open network from somebody in just about 1 year. Who that somebody is has yet to be realized or announced, but one thing is for sure. Everyone wins this one.

#2 – Dell and Google sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Hey everybody, Google is gonna have an actual phone at Barcelona! Dell is gonna partner up with them! …What? They’re not? Ahhh crap. Oh well. Wait, Dell’s not even gonna be at 3GSM?

#3 – Nokia bought themselves a little troll
Purchasing Trolltech for $153 million really opens some doors for Nokia. We wonder if they have a similar plan in mind as Google or perhaps they just wanna take them on head-to-head.

#4 – MIT (and other colleges) are offering classes in Android
Putting students in front of open-source is a smart move by universities. There’s nothing quite like what a hive-mind can achieve in our opinion.

#5 – Developer Challenge updates came in this week.
Extending the deadline to enter your project was good news. Getting a new SDK in the next few weeks is great news.


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