Open Handset Alliance News (February 1st Edition)

Do you guys feel that? There’s a rumble off in the distance that feels like it is getting closer each passing day. We can’t help but get the sense that the Open Handset Alliance (OHA) is like a herd of buffalo. Sure, individually, they are pretty mean, but as a whole, they are much more powerful. One of those “stronger than the sum of its parts” things. The anticipation of finding out what each member brings to the alliance is killing us. Someone hit us up with a leak already!

White HTC Touch on its way to Verizon (UberPhones)
Motorola and Qualcomm renew vows (Wireless Week)
Google/DoubleClick likely to pass (Top Tech News)
Google founders swear to 20 year pact (Boy Genius Report)
Faster infrared speeds from KDDI (PhoneScoop)
Samsung is #2 handset maker worldwide (Just Another Mobile Phone Blog)
Sprint patches stuff up with Clearwire (MoCoNews)
LG has a sexy new phone without a keypad (GSM Arena)
eBay trying to stay competetive, cuts prices (Yahoo!)


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