700MHz Auction Likely Over: Who Won?

There has not been a bid for block C of the spectrum since yesterday’s round 17. With $4.71B likely to be the last bid, conversation turns to who won. Let’s get this out of the way and answer it like this. Regardless of which company actually ended up with the highest bid and walks away with the golden ticket, the true winners will end up being consumers and end users. It will probably take a few years before people can look back and truly see how monumental this auction was. The effects of an open network will be felt by millions of people whether they know it or not.

Tell us in the comments… Who do you think will be found to be the high bidder?


2 responses to “700MHz Auction Likely Over: Who Won?

  1. Obviously I and the entire United States hope it was Google ( WTF, why is it so “secret” anyway? ) but there is no guarantee.

    I imagine if it was someone else besides Google, they bought it with the hope of getting their lawyers to figure out how to close it.

    Back to Google, if they did win, now the entire issue is a DEVICE~! Physical hardware, blessed by Google, that runs Android and uses their newly acquired spectrum.

    …hardware hackers unite. Let’s get to work.

  2. It is secret because who wins might affect what others will bid. Verizon might be willing to spend more to make sure google doesn’t win (and introduce yet another competitor to the market) than they would be willing to bid if AT&T is winning.

    By keeping it secret, they insure that Verizon must assume the worst.

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