HTC: Touch Flo 2.0? Manila

Could HTC be on the verge of releasing an update to their critically acclaimed Touch Flo interface? According to a few sources such as Boy Genius Report & HTC Insider the update is codenamed “Manila” and is supposed to make Windows Mobile devices more “user friendly”. They also go on to say that Manila’s release my coincide with that of Windows Mobile 6.1. You can check out some screen shots here at The Personally, I was surprised when I finally got the chance to see Touch Flo in action for myself. I expected it to be sluggish, and not nearly as intuitive to us as the iPhone, but I was mistaken. It even has me considering a Touch Flo based device as my next handset.


4 responses to “HTC: Touch Flo 2.0? Manila

  1. Interesting codename (I’m from the Philippines), but it’s still a WM device. :p

  2. MS better get their stuff together and fast because all these GUI’s and shells are becoming better alternatives.

  3. That does sound interesting and with a codename like Manila, it must be really friendly 😉

  4. ohhps

    hey, your podcast is cool 🙂
    I tried podcasting but my english is not that good. So stopped, 🙂


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