Garmin Announces Cell Phone

The Apple iPhone did a lot more than just turn the cell phone industry on its ear. With it’s “revolutionary” design and interface it showed a stagnant industry that innovation was still possible. It also showed manufacturers of other products that your name didn’t have to start with an “N” or an “M” to jump into this market. Enter Garmin, a company synonymous with GPS navigation devices. Last night they announced their own handset they call the Nuvifone pictured in this article. Notice the resemblance to the iPhone? It’s all touch screen with only a few buttons on either side. Here are the specs that we know of so far: 3.5G network compatibility, 3.5 inch color touch screen display, GPS functions which will use Google’s local search capability, video camera, and MPEGG 4/MP3 & AAC. Garmin bucked the trend by releasing this news prior to the 3GSM conference in Barcelona next month. Stay tuned for more details on this one as it becomes available to us.


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