Dell and Google Launching Phone Together?

File this under rumor. For now. According to MarketingWeek, the word is Dell and Google are planning on making the announcement of a joint effort at next month’s 3GSM in Barcelona. Makes sense to us and seems to add up when you consider that Dell recently snatched up a Motorola executive to run their new global consumer group. It would really put Dell back in the game if they came out with one of the biggest names in technology as their partner. naturally, sources close to Google deny any pending announcement.

We’re not holding our breath. It sure would be nice to though.

UPDATE: Mike Elgan at ComputerWorld makes a few points to why this is not going to happen. Among his reasons, “Google historically doesn’t partner with companies on the co-development of hardware, per se.” Good point, but let’s not discount that Google wasn’t even in the handset game at all 6 months ago. What do we know though? His resume is steeped with credibility compared to ours.


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