Developer Challenge Deadline Extended

Based on the great feedback you’ve given us, we’ve made significant updates to the SDK that we’ll be releasing in several weeks. In order to give you extra time to take advantage of these forthcoming UI and API enhancements, we’ve decided to extend the submission deadline.

Allow us translate that for you. “We know that our developer kit pretty much stunk, so we’re giving you a newer one based on all of the complaints. And, in a show of good faith, we’re extending the deadline in the hopes that those of you who were turned away by the initial offering will come back and try again.

The official Android blog alerted us today that they’ve extended the deadline to enter your project for the $10M in booty. Now you have until April 14th to get it in. So is it back to the drawing boards for some?

April 14, 2008: Deadline to submit applications for judging
May 5, 2008: Announcement of the 50 first round winners, who will be eligible for the final round
June 30, 2008: Deadline for the 50 winners of the first round to submit for the final round
July 21, 2008: Announcement of the grand prize winner and runner-up


One response to “Developer Challenge Deadline Extended

  1. Any idea when that update will be available? Some key features I needed were broken, but the latest on the web still seems to be the Dec 14th version.

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