AG Link Love

We love it when a site links to us, whether it’s tech related or not. Typically, we’ll try to reach out to a website and thank them if we noticed they’ve added us a technorati fave or plugged our site somewhere. Entrecard has done very well for us in regards to opening our eyes to new blogs and sites in plenty of categories. We’ve met some incredible people and found some interesting sites through there. With our Entrecard contest, we’ve had a lot of sites linking to us, even without asking them. Today we’d like to mention a site and hopefully send them a few visits.

TechFires has a very crisp, clean look to their site. Updated every few days with links to other sites, TechFires covers a wide array of tech related subject. It’s written in a tone that’s easy to understand which is always nice. Who wants a site that talks over their reader’s heads? Never too long on words, it’s a great site to drop in on once or twice a week and learn a little something new. The three most recent subjects covered were ThinkGeek, CamStudio, and DocuWiki. When you stop by, tell them AndroidGuys sent you.


3 responses to “AG Link Love

  1. Speaking of Link love, you should check out my post on Viral Link Love over at Bauer-Power.

    El Di Pablo

  2. Shawn T Lippert

    Tech Fires is a great site, nice of you to show them some love, I have added you and tech fire to my blogroll as well, any knowledgeable site is well worth the repeat visits!

  3. Hey – thanks so much for the link and the kind words. We have fun writing it and hope that people find it useful.


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