AG5 – January 26th Edition

Another Saturday, another AG5. For regular visitors, AndroidGuys takes a look back at 5 headlines we think deserve a second look. If this is your first time stopping by, welcome to AndroidGuys! Here’s five things to bring you up to speed. Have a great weekend and we’ll see you again soon!

#1 – 700MHz Auction gets going.
The illustrious ‘C’ block reserve price of $4.6 billion was not met, but nobody was really surprised. Look for the auction to last a few weeks before we find out who wins it.

#2 – Motorola releases some rather unappealing numbers.

New CEO Greg Brown has a long road ahead of him as Motorola needs a wake up call of sorts. Did it come in the form of 4th quarter ’07 numbers? We hope so.

#3 – HTC seems to be selling Touches a pretty good rate.
Given that nobody has ever seen an HTC commercial, they are doing well against the Apple iPhone. With the right mix of software and promoting, HTC could put out a very sexy handset.

#4 – Android could become a major force.

In the first two months, programmers downloaded the software development kit for Android more than 250,000 times. This is way more than comparable SDK’s for mobile devices.

#5 – AndroidGuys showed up on a couple of other sites.
TechWag sat down to ask us a few questions for one of their interviews and Scott guest-blogged on The Big Bald Blog this week. Thanks to both of the for helping to spread who we are and what we think about Android.


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