20/20 Podcast #7

Jamie and Scott sat down on Thursday to go over some current posts as well as recent Android related news. Recorded over two 20 minute segments, we present to you episode seven of the AndroidGuys 20/20 podcast. If you want to check out some previous podcasts, please subscribe to the feed! We’re open to suggestions, so if you have anything you’d like us to cover, let us know in the comments!

Part 1 (#7A) topics include the FCC Auction getting underway, Google Android and Yahoo Go!, and mobile search versus local search on phones. Shout outs to TechWag, The Big Bald Blog, and AskTheAdmin for all they have done for us lately, as well as what they have allowed us to do.

Part 2 (#7B) saw us discussing things like Hop-On’s Chitter Chatter, NTT DoCoMo, A La Mobile, BancoMap, lowering costs for bringing a handset, and job cuts at Sprint. Respect knuckles to Jordan over at Fandroid.net for his help with the 34 Weeks of OHA!

Don’t forget to subscribe to our standard feed as well as the podcast only version.


2 responses to “20/20 Podcast #7

  1. Hey, it looks your links for 7A and 7B are the same thing.

  2. AndroidGuys.com

    All fixed. Good eye! There IS someone who listens!!

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