Verizon and AT&T Get Set To Chitter-Chatter

Verizon and AT&T will both be carrying a version of Hop On’s Chitter Chatter handset. The chitter chatter is one of the first devices that operates on both CDMA and GSM networks at the touch of a button. You can read the complete article here on Mac Kind of makes you wonder why it took so long for this technology to be developed considering most of the world operates on GSM. No particular model was released for either carrier, but Hop-On’s website features the HOP2001 as “Verizon and AT&T ready”. A feature the article seemed to focus on was the Chitter Chatter’s ability to offer the latest GPS technology at a fraction of the cost of similiar phones. You can visit Hop-On’s website here to take a look at their current line up of handsets. Click here to see the HOP2001. Looks like a great handset to run Android on!


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