Sun Microsystems Not Sure What This Android Thing Is All About

According to Sun’s vice president James Gosling, this Google Android thing is “just a bag of code”. When asked to comment or take a position on Android in an interview for Computer World UK Gosling went on to say “It’s impossible to have a position [on Android], right, because there is no data,” he said when interviewed at the event. “Over the last couple of years, Google has been showing their phone at telecom conferences all over the world and with different business models, all of which really scared the carriers and handset makers.” We are used to seeing these types of attacks from Sun because they are in direct competition with Android. Check out the complete article here. Because Android is based on Sun’s JAVA platform Sun has always had concerns that Android would further split the Java community by offering yet another OS. Our take is that there’s always room for another player. This leads to innovation, and that is something this industry desperately needs.


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