It Has Begun!

Today is the start date for the 700MHz auction. Keep your channels locked to AndroidGuys for all the latest spectrum news! Here’s a few quick things to know as it gets underway.

  • The auction is officially called Auction 73
  • The move from analog to digital television is what frees up the bandwidth in the 700MHz range.
  • The auction is ‘silent’ in that the FCC will disclose to bidders the current asking price for each block without revealing anything about the who the high bidders are.
  • Some big names participating are AT&T, Verizon, Cox Communication, and of course, Google
  • There are 5 “blocks” up for grabs. Block C is by far the most prized of them as it contains the most bandwidth (22MHz, broken into two 11MHz pairs )
  • The winner of Block C has to commit to an open-access network. Essentially, any device capable of supporting the protocols must be allowed.
  • The reserve price for Block C is $4.64 billion.
  • If the reserve price is not met, a new auction will start and ‘open-access requirement’ will be gone. This is what drives the rumors that Google intends to bid it up to the reserve price then bow out of the auction.

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