Text Message Rates Rising Faster Than Gas Prices

In an effort to get people to sign up for text message bundles, network providers are raising prices left and right on individual text messages. At 15¢ a piece, your hand is forced once you open that bill up and see a $1.50 charge for 10 measly texts. What they want you to do is call them up and sign on for that $10.00 unlimited plan they have. Could you imagine paying $5.25 a gallon for gas if you bought it one gallon at a time but getting it for the bargain price of $3.00/g if you agreed to fill up your tank? Preposterous, right? That’s essentially the stranglehold that providers have.

Hard to believe it, but text rates going from 10¢ to 15¢ in one jump is worse than gas prices.

Txtspk Rise GR8 Hope For Carriers (Yahoo!)


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