Google’s Android More Viable?

In an article on MSNBC Olga Kharif does a great job of outlining why she feels Google will be a force to contend with in the future. Read the full article here. She outlines some of the software in development in spite of Android’s less than complete SDK. WiFi Army and Grid Gain were two of the applications mentioned. Kharif was also right to point out the lack of features not available in the initial developer’s kits such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and basic phone functions to make or receive calls. It’s interesting to note that these developers are banking heavily on the success of Android and Google, as Kharif points out in the article “In the first two months, programmers downloaded the software development kit for Android more than 250,000 times, according to Google.” She goes on to say “By contrast developers downloaded the Symbian OS Getting Started guide some 70,000 times in the 12 months ended in September.” The willingness of developers to ride the waves of Android’s initial launch speaks volumes of their faith in the “big G”. We suspect that patience will pay off in the long run.


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