Calling All Cars

Just came across an article on The Boy Genius Report that claims someone broke into a T-Mobile warehouse over the weekend and made off with $8.2M in phones. Mostly Sidekicks, 36,000 handsets disappeared into the wind. BGR’s source is an internal email from someone at T-Mobile. With IMEI’s (serial numbrs), they ought to be able to trace them once they are used.

The scary stuff is not so much the black market and pure profit from dealers. Rather, it’s the idea that someone could be selling them for funding a terrorist operation.

Just figured we’d throw a little FOX News scare tactic at you guys. Now the question is: If someone approached you in a big white van and wanted to sell you a brand new Sidekick for $50, would you bite?


2 responses to “Calling All Cars

  1. Vitor Pereira

    IMEI’s can be easily changed.

  2. Now these Sidekicks can easily be called hot phones, right? 😉

    Some T-Mobile employees report this was an inside job. I guess robbers will flash the stolen Sidekicks so that even IMEI black lists won’t help. Eventually, their prices will fall in countries unlucky enough to get them.

    I wonder if lost/stolen mobile devices will ever become trackable?
    Or to rephrase this, isn’t there a memory technology (to store device specific id) that can be flashed only once?


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