2 Million HTC Touches Sold

Released only weeks apart from Apple’s iPhone, HTC’s Touch has sold 2 million devices since last June. Even though it’s half of what Apple has moved, we consider this a minor victory. For starters, it’s on a brand that’s not known in the US like most others. If you asked a lot of average Americans to name a reputable cell phone manufacturer, odds are names like Samsung, LG, Nokia, and Motorola will be mentioned first. Second, HTC’s device wasn’t packaged and sold as the sexy new era of phones like AT&T and Apple did. Do you recall ever seeing a commercial for an HTC phone? Bet you can hum that iPhone song though.

HTC’s revenue grew almost 12% last year and the company already sees good prospects for the first quarter of ’08.

“The first quarter looks good, it will be a lot better than our first quarter last year,” said Peter Chou, president and CEO of HTC, at a year-end party Friday evening. Companies in Taiwan and throughout China typically host parties around this time of year as the Lunar New Year is approaching.


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