AG5 – January 19th Edition

The last seven days saw Google, Android, and members of the Open Handset grabbing some decent headlines. Even with Macworld taking up most of the tech world’s attention, Google still found a way to get a little focus on them. Having Steve Jobs mention talk about your foray into the mobile world helps a little bit too. Not all the news was great, as you’ll see below. So without further ado, the AG5. If this is your first time stopping by, welcome to AndroidGuys! Here’s five things to bring you up to speed.

#1 – A La Mobile gets Android running on an HTC device.
Finally! A device that is not some prototype or reference model running our favorite new OS. Even though it’s an older model from HTC, it still makes all warm and fuzzy when we think about how much more real this is all becoming.

#2 – Jobs (people) cut and stores closed for a member of the OHA.
Sprint Nextel announced that they will be closing 125 of their retail stores and letting go of 4,000 people. Scary stuff for those affected. In related news, Nokia did a little closing/shuffling as well. Growing pains or trimming the fat?

#3 – Jobs (Steve) briefly mentions Android / Google and the iPhone
Ok, so he’s probably not the biggest fan of Android for obvious reasons, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t threatened by Android. On a similar note, Google officially offers their iPhone application.

#4 – FCC gears up for next week’s auction.
The list of bidders was trimmed to 214 final participants. For those not up to speed, the auction is on the 24th with a mock auction on the 22nd. Look for this to last a few weeks as the 700Mhz spectrum is highly sought after.

#5 – AndroidGuys profiles Shook Labs in our Developer Spotlight Series
Our most in-depth look into a developer yet. A project that looks to be of the more practical ones we’ve come across so far. Keep an eye on these guys!


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