OHA News (January 18th Edition)

It looks as if this was another humdrum week for members of the Open Handset Alliance. Somehow, we have the feeling that any major news regarding Android would have been overshadowed by Apple this week anyways. We’re gearing up for the Mobile World Congress on February 11th, so we imagine the news might come fast and hard these next few weeks. We already started crossing our fingers for Android news and leaks at the show. After the letdown that we got from CES, it can only look up from here. Right…?

Opt out of text message ads from Sprint
Samsung unveiling i900 at MWC in February (IntoMobile)
Clearwire to offer Google Apps to WiMAX customers (IntoMobile)
Motorola’s Q4 ’07 earnings due next week (Just Another Mobile Phone Blog)
Google Eric Schmidt stays mum at Apple board meetings (TechCrunch)
Qualcomm juggles some people around (Wireless Week)
T-Mobile Taps RAD for HSDPA Backhaul (Wireless Week)
Samsung Posts 4Q Net Profit Decline (Wireless Week)


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