AndroidGuys: Developer Spotlight Series #3

Here we are with our third developer spotlight already! One of our loyal readers just happened to be part of a developing team and felt like sharing a little information. Okay, so it’s more like a lot of information. Strap in and get ready to learn about Shook Labs and their project known as GeoSyncUp. We’re very excited about this application and can’t wait to see it in action.

Tell us about yourself and/or your team.
We are a two man team creating an Android application called GeoSyncUp. We are developing GeoSyncUp for the Android Developers Challenge.
The GeoSyncUp team (a.k.a. Shook Labs)

Michael Cook. He has over thirteen years of experience analyzing, designing and implementing a wide range of software applications. Currently, he holds a Software Engineering position at BAE Systems focusing on distributed systems, modeling, and planning for the Air Force, Army and DARPA.

Michael Sheeley. Michael Sheeley is currently a Software Engineer at BAE Systems where he manages software development projects in the area of planning and strategy development. Prior to BAE, Michael founded Mobile-Link Solutions, a software company focusing on mobile enterprise software.

Give us a few sentences about your project. How will it benefit users?
Our Android application is called GeoSyncUp. GeoSyncUp will allow an individual to plan and execute his or her day in the most efficient and effective way possible. Shipping companies such as UPS and Fedex, as well as the military, have the benefit from advanced platforms and systems that allow them to plan and forecast in the most efficient and effective ways possible. GeoSyncUp is intended to do the same for individuals. We aim to make the first version of GeoSyncUp simple but useful. Over time we will add very advanced features, but first we want to see how people interact with the basic application.

Have you ever written for any other mobile operating systems? Which?
We have a lot of experience writing mobile applications. A system I built on Windows Mobile comes to mind. The system allowed cable technicians to send, receive, and process work orders in the field using a ruggedized handheld running MS Windows Mobile.

Are you working on any other titles?
We are focusing all of our efforts into the development of GeoSyncUp for Android. We have plenty of features we want to add to GeoSyncUp that will take advantage of Android’s features. But we are agile so that can always change.

Is Android easier or harder to write for than you expected?
We didn’t have any expectations about Android before we started working on it. We knew Google was releasing Android well before it was ready for mobile devices so we knew there would be challenges. We have spent our careers developing applications in these types of situations. It can be a challenge, but the struggles and issues we face while developing GeoSyncUp will help make Android a better platform.

What motivated you to work on this project?
Shook Labs views the Android platform as a way to transfer our knowledge of advanced forecasting, planning, and modeling into the world of consumer handhelds through GeoSyncUp. We have both been developing mobile software for years but things are really changing right now. Google and the Open Handset Alliance are changing the environment. We see Android opening up opportunities for developers while giving consumers more choice.

What kind of effect did the Android Developer’s Challenge have on you?
We want to act as if all of our energy and motivation comes from within, but this challenge is really adding a lot of extra motivation. The challenge has given us a deadline to work toward and has added a bit of competitiveness to the project. It is really making this a lot of fun.

How do you plan to make your program available?
GeoSyncUp will be included on all Android phones. …yeah, we wish. But, putting our hopes aside, GeoSyncUp will be free to download from

What kind of investment have you had to make? Time, money, etc.
We have put a lot of time into developing GeoSyncUp. Weekends and nights and just about any free time we have goes toward GeoSyncUp.

We would like to encourage people to take our survey and to look for more updates on GeoSyncUp at and


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