Yahoo and T-Mobile Cozy Up

Yahoo has worked a deal with T-Mobile to offer exclusive banner ads throughout the internet for phones on the Web’n’Walk program. This fits well in line with some of the things we’ve mentioned here in posts and podcasts before. According to, “Yahoo is hoping that by adding mobile ads to the mix, it will grab a larger share of the whole net based ad market”. While we definitely agree with that assessment we do find a later comment to be slightly off the mark. The author of the post, Tony Dennis claims that this is a shot in the eye of Google.

Web’n’Walk is a service that debuted in 2005 and is used in Germany, Austria, Great Britain, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. We would anticipate Google making moves similar to Yahoo at least here in the United States as Android rolls out. T-Mobile is a founding member of the Open Handset Alliance so we’re guessing that Google has already approached them about offering a service much like Yahoo’s. It should also be noted that Web’n’Walk has been rumored to be more of a Google service than a T-Mobile service anyhow. Hmmm.


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