Nokia Falling On Hard Times?

Eventually, Nokia will launch it’s new mobile web based service “Ovi” that will offer consumers music and game downloads, as well as mapping services. Yesterday however they made the news for a less positive reason. The worlds leading mobile handset manufacturer is closing its plant in Bochum, Northwest Germany, citing high labor costs as the driving factor. Executive Vice President Veli Sundbaeck, the head of the company’s German operation said, “The factory closure is necessary to secure the long-term competitiveness of Nokia.” The closure will affect 2,300 jobs, and the plant is expected to move its operation to Romania and perhaps even Hungary. I was surprised this story didn’t get more press considering how prominent Nokia is in the world. Perhaps we’ve developed an immunity to the loss of jobs anymore.

The Finland based company has made the news in the past for its attacks on Google’s new mobile phone platform Android after not being invited to join the Open Handset Alliance. Nokia currently backs the Symbian platform, which puts it in direct competition with Google. It’s no secret that I’m a huge Nokia fan, so I will be pulling for the “big N” to succeed. Best wishes to those in Bochumwho lost their jobs.


One response to “Nokia Falling On Hard Times?

  1. Unfortunately this is not really news. All the companies in every line of business have been moving their production facilities in Europe to Eastern Europe emerging countries (and Asia) and they started doing it some 10 years ago. I think it’s a actually good that Nokia only had to do it now.

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