AG5 – January 12th Edition

Alright so maybe this week didn’t turn out to be quite as eventful as we’d hoped for Open Handset Alliance news. CES was somewhat of a letdown in regards to Android information, leaks, and announcements. Regardless, we’re true to our word and are here to compile the five articles we feel you need to take a second look at. And if this is your first time stopping by, welcome to AndroidGuys! Here’s five things to bring you up to speed.

#1 – Yahoo Go to play nice with Android
Rather than trying to compete with Google and all of their services, Yahoo opened up their software so that it will work on not only Android, but the other mobile operating systems as well. Smart move.

#2 – Wistron Neweb GW4 will be Android Capable
Since none of the four handset makers brought any Android phones to the show, the GE4 got the big news this week. A sleeker looking version of that prototype phone we saw in the video, this phone resembles the T-Mobile Dash.

#3 – Penguinistas hacked Android onto devices
Leaver to Linux hackers to start throwing Android onto things as fast as they can. It’s only a matter of days and weeks before people are using it in a regular capacity. We’re most excited that we are finally seeing video and not just pictures. Makes things feel that more real.

#4 – Android was MIA @ CES
Not one of the 4 hardware manufacturers brought a single device to the show. Are they waiting for the big show in Barcelona? We certainly hope so.

#5 – Frontline Wireless closed up shop
After just being declared eligible for the 700MHz auction, one of the bigger names bidding ended up shutting their doors. No specific reasons were given. Could it be related to the billions needed to participate?


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