Qualcomm Reference Designs Make Us Drool

Geek.com had an intimate encounter with two new platforms that will be emerging by the end of 2008, if not early 2009. One platform, a ‘Fairbanks’ unit is more or less a glorified GPS unit with some bells and whistles (bwhistles?) tacked on. By that we mean a micro-SD slot, live television playback, and a 3MP camera. The other platform, ‘Anchorage’, is based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon platform. This means will use a 1.0GHz processor as well as WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, cellular, and all the usual suspects. According to Sal Cangeloso, Snapdragon will offer close to the best power/performance ratio of anything currently on the market and will be aimed more towards productivity. He also claims that ‘So far we know that Samsung and HTC are on board, but there are a few others that are not official yet.

This is exactly the kind of phone we want to see with Android. It’s sleek, robust, and sexy. Qualcomm, Samsung, and HTC are all founding members of the Open Handset Alliance, so we pretty much feel like these types of phones are where the line starts when Android is launched. Hardware-wise, we expect nothing less than this.

This bears repeating: These are reference models only so future iterations could see dramatic changes.

Head over to Geek.com for more pictures of both platforms!


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