LiMo Grows, Throws Mud at Android

The LiMo Foundation plans to announce some new members today including Trolltech, Acrodea, ETRI, Huawei and Purple Labs. These names will join founding member like NTT DoCoMo, Motorola, and Vodafone and put their total at 25 members to the OHA’s 34 founders. Some of the vendors in the LiMo Foundation are also members of the Open Handset Alliance including NTT DoCoMo, Motorola, and Samsung.

LiMo’s head, Morgan Gillis thinks their offering will not only beat Android to market, but also prove to be more successful. An important difference is that the code within the LiMo platform is market-proven technology that has been brought to the platform by our founder members in the form of Motorola, Samsung, NEC and Panasonic. We simply reintegrated it to form the first release of the LiMo platform.

He goes on to call Android a new software platform containing “unproven code” that Google has only just produced.

It typically takes two to three years before handset software is stabilized and ready for volume production.

We picture the handset field almost like two competing Justice Leagues. Each going around picking up members. In this case, some members belong to both groups. Either way, they’re all ‘good guys’ taking on the Legion of Doom known as the wireless industry. Corny analogy, right? Get over it.


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