CES: Where is Android?

Eric Zemen at InformationWeek tell us in a post today that there is pretty much zilch in the ways of Android aside from the GW4 already reported. He goes down the list of manufacturers and gives his findings.

It is after 9 AM out here in Las Vegas and most of the day’s major news items are public. So far there have been several snoozeworthy mobile phone announcements and not much else. Not a single smartphone has been officially introduced.

The closest thing to the WNC phone was one that one of the HTC guys uses. He uses it at work but conveniently didn’t bring it to the show. He did say that it was ‘awesome’ though. So what’s the deal here? Nobody sneaking a peek, teasing the fans, or even talking about it. We have to say that we’ll be very disappointed with LG, Motorola, Samsung, and HTC if they don’t give us a sample at all.


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