AndroidGuys: Developer Spotlight Series #2

We’re back with another edition of the spotlight series and today we’re showcasing a guy who goes by the name of “Living Sword”. For those of you who missed the first edition of the series, you can check it out here. Living Sword runs the Android in Progress website for those of you interested in checking out another Android site.

The spotlight series is where we delve a little deeper and give you a little bit of insight into what developers working on Android are running into. The kind of software being worked on, how it will benefit the end user, and what expectations to have are all things that interest us. We’re here to pull back the curtain and let you take a peek as to what is going on behind the scenes. Down the road, we will do what we can to get the word out about these developers and their software. We’ll even host the software if you’d like.

What type of program are you writing for Android?
I am writing a multimedia player. Although I had other applications in mind, a multimedia player is the basic application found in every mobile today. So, I thought Android should get its basic applications first like a media player, task manager etc.

Have you written for any other mobile OS?

Is Android easier or harder to write for than you expected? I expected. Because, one, the applications are written in Java which I am well versed with and..two, the extensive docs and groups’ discussions provide good help and useful pointers for coding.

Are you working alone or on a team?
Currently I am working alone. Let’s see if I find a partner/team which are at the same wavelength as I am.

Do you have an idea as to when your program will be available?
Well, the first version will be out sometime around New Year.

Is your program aimed at consumers or entrepreneurs?
For the consumers.

Do you plan to write more applications for Android?
Yes. I have few more ideas which I wish to implement after this one.

How do you feel Android will impact the overall mobile market?
Competition is always good. It will make Microsoft, Symbian and Apple pull up their socks (although they pretend to ignore the threat). With the kind of image Google has, we could expect a new business model in the mobile industry.

I think more handset manufacturers will join-in after the first series of phones are out. Simply because, Android will have a broader developer base then.

Future will tell if Android has the might to dethrone Symbian. Wait-n-watch is the new game.

What excites you most about Android?
I think the fact that Google has come-up with it and that it’s Open is very interesting. I like to work on new technologies and Android gives me an opportunity to do just that.

Were you motivated by the Developers Challenge to start writing software?
Yes and I think that should be the universal answer to this question.

Thanks again for reaching out to us and taking the time to answer the questions.

If you are a developer working alone, or on a team, we want to hear from you! Email us at and let us know. We’ll be happy to spotlight any developer out there, regardless of size or programming skill.


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