WhatsOpen.com Goes Beta Today

In what looks to be a considerably cooler program than we initially anticipated, WhatsOpen has dropped their beta release on the public today. If you try to do a search right now, you’ll be limited to California, however this still gives you more than ample opportunity to get a feel for how this program will operate. We tried looking for “taco” in Mountain View, CA and were immediately shown a map with over 50 locations in addition to hours of operation, distance, and phone number.

Coupling this with GPS or the new feature from Google Maps, your Android based phone (or iPhone) will be exponentially more useful when it comes to finding anything! We first reported on WhatsOpen back in early November ’07. It appears as if this program will be everything we anticipated, plus some. We can’t wait for the mashups to begin!

The iPhone and Android applications are in private alpha and will be rolled out in a public beta over the next 60 days. Also keep an eye out apps built for Facebook, Google’s Open Social, and other open platforms in the first part of 2008.


3 responses to “WhatsOpen.com Goes Beta Today

  1. This sounds so cool! Thanks for sharing! I’m so glad I found your site and can’t wait to read more. Thanks!

  2. Jim | SevenActions.com

    Ummm, another tool to finding a fresh taco at midnight. Okay, gotta reconsider that weight loss resolution. : )

  3. Would have been nice on New Year’s Eve for when we ran out of alcohol!

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