Flawed Facts?

Alright, so maybe we weren’t gonna get out of the year without another actual post. Today we’re hearing that HTC is unhappy with Android. Well, at least according to Stefania Viscusi over at TMCnet. Stefania claims, without substantiation, that HTC is troubled by the underdevelopment of Google’s Android platform to a large extent. We’re not buying it tough. In the same paragraph, Viscusi says “...Google’s Android platform, which was scheduled to be released in the first half of 2008 by HTC.

Anybody paying half attention will tell you it’s the second half of ’08, but that’s not the point here. We need to see more from the HTC camp to convince us that they are not happy. Peter Chou was just singing Android’s praises less than a month ago. Something doesn’t add up.

So far, we’ve not heard a whiff of HTC unhappiness. Any readers out there care to shed some light?


2 responses to “Flawed Facts?

  1. I am confused a bit by the criticism of the Android platform. Google is known for releasing its software before it is polished. Google is developing their platform out in the public. It’s an agile development method that allows you to truly focus on the functionality that is required by the community. I’d rather see Google release an unpolished Android in 2007 letting us, the community, tell them what we like, need, and don’t want from the platform, than for Google to release a fully polished platform in later 2008 only to find that they were focusing on features we, the community, don’t want.

  2. You mean like what Apple did with the iPhone? Here is what ‘we’ put together. Love it or not, this is all you get for now.

    I’d rather it be run through everyone’s tests and get beat up a lot before the official releases hit.

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