AG5 – December 29th Edition

It’s been seven days already believe it or not. Time for the latest installment of the AndroidGuys AG5! With the year winding down, most tech sites started turning to their year end reviews and wrap ups. There was not a whole lot of new Android or Open Handset Alliance news, but that’s okay. We’re sure we can squeeze out five things worth another look. Read the full post if you wanna see what went down!

#1 – Speculation calls for Android based phones at the Mobile World
This article picked up steam as the week went on. This Barcelona based conference is where all the big boys go each year, save for Apple. They do their own thing with Mac World. Google has two tables lined up so anticipation is running high.

#2 – Android was met with pretty good reviews in the year end lists.
Top 5’s, Top 10’s, or whatever you call it. Google showed up on quite a few lists and impressed a lot of people. Their name was talked about just as much as Apple and the iPhone.

#3 – People are expecting Android to make major changes next year.
The more Android gets talked about, the more people are becoming convinced that Google is changing the game forever. Of course, if you’ve been following us for any length of time, you already know that.

#4 – Wind River’s CMO dreams of zero dollar phone bills.
This is what we’ve been talking about on previous podcasts and posts. We could conceivably be looking at free cell phone services paid for by location based advertising! The best part is that it could happen as soon this coming year.

#5 – AndroidGuys continued to change things up.
We went to a two column layout with an easier navigation setup. Also added some easy to find buttons at the top for subscribing to our standard feed as well as our podcast feed. Also saw some additional sponsors added to the page. On Friday, we updated the glossary a bit for those who might need some help understanding some of the language used here.


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